Doctor’s Choice EAA/BCAA for Intra-Workout/Post Workout 300grams



Doctor's Choice EAA/BCAA

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Doctor’s Choice EAA/BCAA

  • Maximum muscle recovery: Doctor’s Choice EAA is the ultimate intra and intra-workout energy infusion. It provides all of the essential amino acids required for muscle protein synthesis
  • Boost performance: supplies all nine essential amino acids, including 6g of 2: 1: 1 bcaa. It enhances recovery, reduces soreness, and helps you resist muscle protein breakdown
  • Pro hydrating electrolytes: loaded with extra-strength concentrated electrolytes, clinical essential amino provides perfect hydration during and after an intense workout
  • Caffeine-free: Doctor’s Choice EAA formula contains no caffeine. It is a non-stimulant supplement that you can take any time of day with 0 sugar and other artificial dyes
  • Mixability: This EAA powder is easy to mix in water – simply scoop, shake and sip. The irresistible flavor tastes more like a treat than a supplement during and or after your workout

Doctor's Choice EAA/BCAA

Doctor’s Choice EAA/BCAA Product description

Flavor: Blueberry

Flavor: Blueberry, Size: 30 Doctor’s Choice EAA is a mix of all nine essential amino acids, including three branched-chain amino acids (l-leucine, l-isoleucine, and l-valine) with zero calories and sugar. What is an EAA? EAA stands for essential amino acids. EAA are amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the body and need to be consumed in the diet. EAA supplements have a number of performance and health benefits Doctor’s Choice EAA will be a much more convenient way to provide your body with essential amino acids. 3G of l-leucine increases protein synthesis boosts stamina and endurance and improves muscle recovery. 1. 5G of l-isoleucine stimulates glucose uptake, regulates energy levels, speeds up wound healing, and boosts the immune system. 1. 5G of l-valine promotes faster recovery, regulates blood sugar levels, detoxifies your liver, and provides your body with extra energy. 1G of l-lysine helps absorb more calcium and maintain your bones healthy. 1G of l-threonine helps maintain your muscles strong and elastic at the same time, accelerates healing of wounds and injuries, and supports immune function. 75Mg of l-phenylalanine supports emotional well-being, improves focus, and reduces pain. 25Mg of l-tryptophan lifts mood improves physical performance and reduces fatigue. 100 Mg of l-methionine improves muscle to weight ratio and builds bone strength. 300Mg of l-histidine reduces stress, helps improve muscle performance, and protects tissues from damage. The nine essential amino acids are the main components of DC EAA, with added potassium and pink Himalayan salt for hydration.

Doctor's Choice EAA/BCAA









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